Master Accordion Scale Book – With Jazz Scale Studies




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This book has been designed to develop the professional or recreational accordionist further toward advanced musicianship. Why do we practice scales? The great jazz accordionist, Art Van Damme, when asked what he practiced, replied, “Only the fundamentals!” The fundamental classical and jazz scales with explanations are presented here in a clear, concise format. For best results use this book with or after the Chord Melody Method for Accordion.

Art Van Damme Dedication
About the Author
Warm up Exercises
One Octave Major Scales
A Major to Cs Major
F Major to Gf Major
C Major and A Minor, 3rds and Chromatic Scale in 3rds
G Major and E Minor
D Major and B Minor
A Major and Fs Minor
E Major and Cs Minor
B Major and Ds Minor
Cs Major, As Minor, F Major, D Minor
D Minor, Bf Major, G Minor
G Minor, Ef Major, C Minor
Af Major, F Minor, Df Major
Bf Minor, Gf Major, Ef Minor, Cf Major, Af Minor
Major Scales in Two Octaves, C to Df
Gf to G
LH Major Scale, Unison, Contrary,RH Chromatic Scale
RH Chromatic Scale Descending, Both Hands in 3rds, 6ths, LH Chromatic Scale
LH Harmonic Minor, Melodic, RH A Minor (Natural Minor)
Minor Scale Theory
D Melodic Minor to Gf Melodic Minor
G Melodic Minor to B Melodic Minor
The Diminished Scale
Diminished Scales, Augmented Scale
Melodic Examples
Root to Root Modes
Modal Theory
The Melodic Minor as Used in Jazz
Pentatonic and Blues Scales
Minor Pentatonic
The Four Primary Jazz Scales
Blues Scales (Synthetic Pentatonics)
Synthetic Pentatonic Examples
G Scale Modes
D Scale Modes
A Scale Modes
E Scale Modes
B Scale Modes
B and Fs Scale Modes
Fs Scale Modes
F Scale Modes
Bf Scale Modes
Ef Scale Modes
Af Scale Modes
Af and Df Scale Modes
Df and Gf Scale Modes
Gf Scale Modes
Brazeal (Original Jazz Samba Utilizing Jazz Scales and Chords)
More Examples of Jazz Scales and Chords
Rockin The Blues
Watch Your Bach

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