The classical accordion and its repertoire – Paolo Picchio




De langverwachte engelse vertaling van Paolo Picchio’s boek. Onmisbaar voor componisten en leerkrachten van klassieke accordeonmuziek en studenten aan het conservatorium.

“The long-awaited translation of Paolo Picchio’s book that will be invaluable for composers wishing to write seriously for the accordion and for accordion teachers and students wishing to deepen their understanding of the kind of repertoire that is taught in conservatoires all over the world.

Paolo Picchio was for many years, the much respected organiser of the Premio Internazionale della Fisarmonica di Castefidardo – the world-famous competiton and festival which takes place in Castelfidardio, Italy every Autumn. In this 342-page softback tome he analyses 40 compositions for accordion since 1960s by 40 different composers including Luciano Berio, Sofia Guabidulina, Magnus Lindberg, Arne Nordheim, Davide Anzaghi, Yuji Takahashi, Per Norgard, Vladimir Zubitsky, Franco Donatoni, Vladislav Zolotariov and many more.  He studies in depth their musical language and the way they wrote for the accordion taking also int account the technical feasibility of what they wrote and the difficulties encountered by the performer.

Picchio also looks at the history and the construction of the instrument, the various systems which are commonly in use today along with their possibilities and looks at how technical developments have brought us towards the modern classical instrument and the possibilities that technical development have opened up to the modern composer and which make it particularly attractive to them.”

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